About The CEO

My name is Mary Crosby, an Alumni from Full Sail University, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in the Graphics Design Program. I have extensive skills development for 2+ years in the Adobe Creative Suite - XD/UI areas of digital, vector imaging, branding, layouts, logo design, editorial, digital illustration, and expertise in research and graphic presentation. In the process, I embraced the authorship that was being developed. As a result, I became the published author of my first book Powerful Prayers Of The Bible: A Guide For Using God's Word in Prayer. I also help others to write meaningful books. Combined with my eye for detail, previous experiences, and education I acquired a Master of Science in Guidance Counseling, which is an asset to understanding and guiding behavior to clients and delivering with integrity. Also, I have BA in Psychology to understand the perception, evaluate and connect with your insight and needs and ultimately find a solution and maximum outcomes. I worked as Social Service Supervisor, with 4 Case Managers as subordinates before graphic design. During the pandemic as work was not flowing as expected, I resorted to my creative side and attend Full Sail to pursue this passion for Graphic Design, I am excited to step into the world of the graphic designer that I have become. I am passionate about my work and have the drive with a golden touch as I create and be the change agent. I look forward to helping you and your company's needs. 


To purchase kenneth B. Whitney's book: "Bellevolent True Warrior" or Mary Crosby's Powerful Prayers of The Bible: A guide to using God's Word In Prayer Click the link above. 


Graphic Designer MC

graphicdesignermc.commcrosby@graphicdesignermc.com | mmcrosby52@gmail.com | 914-882-1963


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